Great Beer: Urban South Modillion IPA

Craft BeerIPA
This review, in Skaggsian sonnet, as inspired by Willy Shakespeare:   "Sonnet 10, Double dry-hopped IPA—thee sly beast!" Double-dry hopped IPA—thee sly beast! Praised, scorned; IKEA of yon brewer’s world. Opaque orange, hazy tendrils, brewer’s yeast; Rind of grapefruit, herbs de Provence, yon swirled— In... Read more →

Great Beer: Wayward Owl The Grind

Brown AleCraft Beer
Originalist interpretation of Bavaria’s Reinheitsgebot, the beer ‘Purity Law’ instituted 501 years ago, would dictate that nothing should be in your beer outside of water, barley, and hops. Pragmatist interpretation of this law, enacted in the late Middle Ages possibly to benefit Bavarian bakers, might argue that a non-Reinheitsgebot... Read more →