The CORKSCREWER 13: Best Wines of 2015

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Why 13? Because 100 is too damn many. Because 13 is more satisfying than 10 or 12. Because we believe, like the Chinese do, the number 13 is a fortuitous one. We don’t taste 10,000 wines in a year like the major wine critics do, but we have tasted over 1,000 wines in 2015. And we feel that’s enough to give you the names of 13 wines that... Read more →


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If the history of wine could be made into a movie western, David Ramey would be the maverick of the American West.   “I’m a winemaker. It’s all I’ve ever done as a grownup.” says David Ramey in his signature off-handed way as we sit down to discuss his revered winery of 20 years, Ramey Wine Cellars. And sitting before us, a... Read more →


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“We’re making honest wines,” says David Ramey as we start to taste through the current and future releases of Ramey Wine Cellars and, newly under the winery’s umbrella, Sidebar Cellars. It’s a statement best left open to interpretation and the imagination. But, by the time we near the end of the tasting it’s very clear to us what... Read more →

The Beautiful Sancerre of Boulay

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Welcome to the house of Boulay — these are some of the greatest white wines in the world.   Dry white wines would not be the first choice among wine consumers in the U.S. We have a sweet tooth, so Moscato and Riesling fit the bill. We like things big like our SUVs, so a jammy Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel-based red blend... Read more →

Best of Napa & Sonoma Wines: 2011-2013 Vintages

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We see troubling signs ahead. One expects to pay a premium for wines from the Napa Valley, which no one can argue is the premier wine growing region in all of America. However, it’s getting harder for us to recommend wines without any reservation after we look at how much they cost. Sonoma Valley has the perception of being Napa’s more... Read more →