Great Wine: Efeste Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon

$40 - $60Cabernet SauvignonRedWashingtonWine Reviews
Maraschino cherry, Dr. Pepper, nutmeg and butterscotch?! These are the wild notes of flavor you might encounter when staring down a glass of great Washington State cab like the 2007 EFESTE Big Papa Cabernet Sauvignon. Culled from four disparate but prominent vineyards of the Columbia Valley region, small berries of small clusters from mature... Read more →

Great Wine: Sequana Sundawg Ridge Pinot Noir

$40 - $60CaliforniaPinot NoirRedRussian RiverSonomaWine Reviews
The Seine River, which flows through the heart of Paris, is one of the great waterways of Europe. Sequana, in Gaelic and Roman mythology, is its goddess who lives at the source. The river itself is a life force that changed the course of history—time lapse paintings and photographs can take you from Medieval times to the great marketplace... Read more →