Great Wine: ArborBrook Croft Vineyards Pinot Gris

$20 - $40OregonPinot Grigio/GrisWhiteWine Reviews
Not a fan of Pinot Grigio. To borrow from the eloquence of former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, it takes a girlie man to drink Pinot Grigio on a regular basis. But the 2008 ARBORBROOK Croft Vineyards Pinot Gris from Oregon's Willamette Valley coast is, for me, a rare exception. Fruity, yes, with papaya and Granny Smith apple notes but... Read more →

Great Wine: Saxon Brown Syrah, Parmelee-Hill ‘Camp Block’

$20 - $40CaliforniaRedSonomaSyrahWine Reviews
I found religion tonight—in a 2006 SAXON BROWN Syrah, Parmelee-Hill 'Camp Block'. A cool climate, singular masterwork to drink fervently and believe in. Favors mouthwatering acidity over sweetness; rich complexity & detail over boldness & obviousness—like the difference between a captivating sermon versus one that hammers you... Read more →

Great Wine: Clos du Bois Calcaire Chardonnay

$20 - $40CaliforniaChardonnayRussian RiverWhiteWine Reviews
For fans of creamy & buttery Chardonnay, you can’t beat the fundamentals the 2007 CLOS DU BOIS Calcaire Chardonnay gets just right down to the vine. Rich and elegant, with a taste of lemon meringue at its core balanced by a vibrant, exuberant finish, you really can’t ask for a better drink, say, if you find yourself on a patio... Read more →