Great Wine: Arbor Crest Riesling, Dionysus Vineyard

$19.99 or LessRieslingSweet WineWashingtonWine Reviews
A fundamentally sound American Riesling. That sounds a tad clinical but is meant as a high compliment. Because an un-fundamentally sound American Riesling that’s under $15 is one of the more wretched white wines you can find in large quantities out there. You’ll never confuse a Riesling made in the U.S. with one made in Germany. Rieslings... Read more →

Great Wine: Hewitson LuLu Sauvignon Blanc

$19.99 or LessAustraliaSauvignon BlancWhiteWine Reviews
From the land that brought you Nicole Kidman, Naomi Watts, Margot Robbie and Abbie Cornish, consider the 2013 LuLu Sauvignon Blanc by HEWITSON just another in a string of stunning and talented blondes from Australia. Let’s start with the nose, oh what a nose!—quince, passionfruit, lime and flowers when your nostrils are caught at the edge... Read more →