Great Wine: Saxon Brown Syrah, Parmelee-Hill ‘Camp Block’

$20 - $40CaliforniaRedSonomaSyrahWine Reviews
I found religion tonight—in a 2006 SAXON BROWN Syrah, Parmelee-Hill 'Camp Block'. A cool climate, singular masterwork to drink fervently and believe in. Favors mouthwatering acidity over sweetness; rich complexity & detail over boldness & obviousness—like the difference between a captivating sermon versus one that hammers you... Read more →

Great Wine: Clos du Bois Calcaire Chardonnay

$20 - $40CaliforniaChardonnayRussian RiverWhiteWine Reviews
For fans of creamy & buttery Chardonnay, you can’t beat the fundamentals the 2007 CLOS DU BOIS Calcaire Chardonnay gets just right down to the vine. Rich and elegant, with a taste of lemon meringue at its core balanced by a vibrant, exuberant finish, you really can’t ask for a better drink, say, if you find yourself on a patio... Read more →

Great Wine: Vogelzang Reserve Viognier

$20 - $40CaliforniaSanta BarbaraViognierWhiteWine Reviews
If you haven't yet experienced the pleasures of Viognier, you're missing out. Most people of a certain elegance and stature serve Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay before a hosted meal, but Viognier is snazzier, eclectic and more (ahem) nouveau riche. The 2009 VOGELZANG Viognier (now called the Reserve Viognier), the first—and sold out—vintage... Read more →

Great Wine: Melville Sta. Rita Hills Estate Chardonnay

$20 - $40CaliforniaChardonnaySanta BarbaraWhiteWine Reviews
Impressionistic as a Van Gogh, the pineapple, apricot and tangerine notes swirl on the palate to an acidic, smoky French oak finish, where every sip discovers something previously unseen. The 2007 MELVILLE Sta. Rita Hills Estate Chardonnay is such non-linear art—highly subjective, its beauty revealing unexpected things to the eye of the... Read more →