Great Wine: HARTFORD COURT Russian River Valley Chardonnay

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Whenever that list of greatest Sonoma County wines is assembled, a HARTFORD COURT Chardonnay has got to be on it. My choice is the winery’s Russian River Valley Chardonnay. The 2017 bottling reminds us why some classics remain classics, even when times change and palates change along with the times. Hartford Court makes a long line of... Read more →

Great Beer: HALF ACRE Shrub Tundra

Brown AleCraft Beer
Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee from the hills of Colombia¹? Then prepare for the ultimate fermentation sanctification when you drink up HALF ACRE’s Shrub Tundra, a deeply satisfying hybrid malt beverage from the long-time northside-of-Chicago brewing geniuses, consisting of ninety-five percent brown ale PLUS a whopping five... Read more →

Great Wines of Hospice du Rhone 2018

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The wine world has its own version of a Star Trek convention or Comic Con. It’s called Hospice du Rhone—three glorious days in Paso Robles, California, of letting your wine geekdom fly.   The 2018 festival, which took place April 26-28, was the first I’ve ever attended, having been kindly invited as a member of the wine media.... Read more →