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Before I started drinking large amounts of wine on a regular basis, I kicked it around for a while as an award-nominated playwright and director in Chicago—where I had some sold out shows, critical raves and plenty of bombs. I went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts before that and hung out and worked with some very cool and talented people who were either already famous or ended up becoming incredibly famous and/or famously dead. And I do enjoy telling people that I graduated from the same Michigan private high school as Mitt Romney, just to feel the hate or the love. I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. But that’s the past. I live in Las Vegas now, and you’ll find me often at a poker tournament working on my game. I love the stock market too and am an avid investor/trader. And, all the while, I am an employee of the largest business management firm in Los Angeles for the entertainment industry. And I’ve also successfully transferred a 3,000+ personal vinyl and CD collection to the cloud. However, nothing compares to my all-consuming love of wine. But enough about me. What’s your passion?

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BRIAN SKAGGS, Senior Editor, Craft Beer
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Dear Reader: I never thought this would ever happen to me, but I’m here to tell you about amazing malted beverages! At 1.76m and 69kg, I never considered myself large, and, as a working biologist who took exactly zero biology classes in college, I never even considered myself employable. My suburban Chicago high school graduated three participants of Lollapalooza 1993, a Wet Hot American Summer star, and an original Hamilton cast member. But me? Puh-lease. I’m that guy standing in the corner at all the swankiest Los Angeles elementary school parties, hoarding the last Hop Rod Rye while muttering about six-row barley, the superiority of rock ‘n’ roll circa 1993-2001, and whatever current pro cycling event is not on telly. But, dear Reader, the benevolent Fates have intervened! Lo, let us embark upon a beautiful malted beverage journey together, hop bines intertwined. The journey is the destination, enlightenment is the focus.

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JOHN ANTOLOS, Editor, Craft Beer
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A beer geek since my college days, the first six-pack I purchased legally was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, and, from that point, I was on a mission to seek out quality, flavorful beers in the days when there was a dearth of craft beer breweries. I’m a SoCal native, living within view of the Pacific Ocean for most of my life. I even went to UCSB because it was on the beach. Years later, I went to UCLA for a master’s in Public Policy, but saving the nation one policy memo at a time wasn’t for me, so I took up photography. I also work at USC as a historical researcher as my day job. I used to travel a lot in my single days, often spending summers on the Croatian coast. Nowadays, I spend time with my family, cooking foods that’ll pair great with beer, or trying to learn the finer points of Muay Thai (kickboxing). Like wine, great beer was made for having with good friends, and I always meet the most interesting people at breweries. I’ve even brewed my own beer… nothing great yet. If I sound a tad obsessed, I may be, but I hope I can pass some of my love of beer your way.


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LISLE FRIEDMAN, Director, Digital Strategy

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I’ve been working in the Digital Advertising space since 2013 and currently the Director of Marketing at true[X], an independent subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. My background is in Public Accounting, having graduated from the University of Miami with a BBA in Accounting, and College of Charleston with a Masters of Science in Professional Accountancy, becoming a licensed CPA in 2011. At true[X], I’m responsible for overseeing both regional and national marketing programs with a focus on measurable performance. As a thought leader, I refine brand strategies and manage the true[X] brand across all client facing opportunities. I can be found representing true[X] at various industry events across the globe such as CES in Las Vegas, Sundance Film Festival in Park City, SXSW in Austin, and Cannes Lions in France. I’m often traveling and hosting company events in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Detroit and New York City. I also travel for pleasure often, recently spending a few weeks island hopping in Thailand. In my free time I enjoy hiking, skiing or just being outside. This year, it’s my goal to ski every mountain on the Mountain Collective pass!

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RYAN KOCZARA, Executive Editor

I grew up in metro Detroit but, unlike our Editor in Chief, did not attend the same high school as a famous (or infamous) politician. Upon graduating from high school, I did the unthinkable— I attended college south of the border—south of the Michigan/Ohio border. After graduating from Miami University – Ohio, I worked in retail sales and then earned a law degree. While practicing law in Detroit, my fiancé at the time (and now my wife) convinced me to move to Los Angeles. It’s a good thing I did that because it allowed me to develop a passion for wine. When I’m not arguing motions in court or writing legal briefs, I’m typically enjoying a California cab or a Super Tuscan, getting lost in a Beatles tune, or simply hanging out with my wife Alexis and/or my two kids, Jack and Milo. I hope to be an Olympic skier or a professional golfer in my second or third life.

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KINGSTON KUO, Chief, Finance and Accounting

Hailing from L.A., I love all things California—the weather, entertainment, tech, food, and incredible accessibility to cultures of all sorts. Upon graduating from the University of California, Irvine, with a degree in Economics, I specialized in Entertainment Compliance Audits at NKSF and obtained my CPA. After taking a dip in the public accounting world at BDO, I was blessed to land my current position, and my first industry job, at Netflix—an intersection of many of my interests and beliefs. Much of my time is spent obtaining and focusing on things money can’t buy—experiences, friends, and family. I’m an avid fan of music, sports, movies, TV, anime, and games. Some of my hobbies include traveling, playing sports, driving, photography, discovering new music, going to concerts/music festivals, meeting new people, reading and learning. All, of course, with my friends and family!