Great Beer: HALF ACRE Shrub Tundra

Brown AleCraft Beer
Do you folks like coffee? Real coffee from the hills of Colombia¹? Then prepare for the ultimate fermentation sanctification when you drink up HALF ACRE’s Shrub Tundra, a deeply satisfying hybrid malt beverage from the long-time northside-of-Chicago brewing geniuses, consisting of ninety-five percent brown ale PLUS a whopping five... Read more →


Craft BeerIPA
THREE WEAV3RS BREWING is famous in Los Angeles for being one of the first breweries to be run by women (owner and head brewer), which IS a rarity in a traditionally male-dominated industry. I’ve had several of their offerings—such great stuff!—so I when I came across a 6-pack of their Knotty Double IPA (DIPA), I grabbed it and tried it... Read more →