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Great Beer: Pizza Port Pick Six Pilsner



Price Range : $10 - 12

Region: Solana Beach, California ABV: 5.2% IBU (Bitterness Units):

My first introduction to a real pilsner came (where else?) while living in Prague, Czech Republic one summer. Sure, I’ve had pilsner/ lagers in other parts of Eastern Europe but most of those were swill compared to their Czech counterparts. Why am I reminiscing about Prague? You can probably see where this is going. Since the beginning of the craft beer revolution, I haven’t wasted my time with too many pilsners, going straight for the hoppy pales and IPAs. I never thought American brewers could do a proper pilsner. But once in awhile on a warm summer day, I like to crack one just for old time’s sake.

I recently picked up the PIZZA PORT Pick Six Pilsner on just such a day. I knew this would be good when I popped the can and that light, effervescent scent of a great pilsner hit my nose. It poured a golden straw color with a nice thick head of foam, and smelled like a perfect pilsner should, with a good mix of breadiness and zesty hops.  I even thought I caught a scent of white wine or champagne. The taste was deliciously refreshing and nicely balanced between the biscuity malts and citrusy hops, with a  nice, dry hoppy bite at the back end that perfectly quenches a summer thirst. This pilsner was not as carbonated as its European counterparts but definitely reminiscent of the great pilsners I drank in Prague.

Overall, this is a great pilsner and definitely among the better domestic pilsners I’ve had in the US. It was just so damn delightful.  —J.A.


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January 20, 2017