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Great Sustainable Wine: J. WILKES Pinot Blanc



Price Range : $18 - 20

Region: Santa Maria Valley, Santa Barbara, California Ready to Drink: Immediately upon release

You’ve seen the scene in hundreds of movies and TV shows: guy behind the wheel of a powerboat, speeding through the deep blue sea to the left, right, behind and in front of him, light of the sun glistening off the top of the calm waves, wisps of water spurting into the air…  

Okay, often he’s making his way to dump a dead body wrapped up and laid down on the bow of the boat—but before all that happens, that feeling of peace, relaxation and bliss upon the ocean—that’s this wine. The 2016 J. WILKES Pinot Blanc, from the Santa Maria Valley of the Central Coast of California, is a chill, blissful, brisk kind of white wine, best enjoyed for those peaceful, relaxing moments in life just before whatever shit happens. 

Does sustainable wine make it a better wine? Yes, it does. We see a future where the majority of consumers will absolutely demand that wineries which they support with their retail dollars have implemented environmentally-responsible vineyard practices.

Karim Team SuperPhysique pectoral / triceps bodybuilding program lasix the best thigh exercise in musculatio.This review is part of our ongoing series spotlighting great wines from sustainable wineries.

Pinot Blanc? What the hell is that, you might ask—white “Peanut of the Night” (please refer to Ally Bank commercial)? Well, it certainly shares DNA with Pinot Noir, but it’s best known as being the bastard son in Champagne blends. The grape is used as part of the wine blend, often enough, to make certain sparkling wines, but standing next to Chardonnay, it’s basically shoved aside in regard. 

Well, like the bastard Jon Snow of Winterfell (please refer to Game of Thrones), this bastard is stepping up into the forefront and taking command. This Pinot Blanc’s color is a light straw yellow. On the nose: sea salt, dry chalk and minerality amid taut citrus. On top of that, it smells like certain flowery Chanel or Marc Jacobs perfumes. 

The palate is attacked by crisp acidity but creamy, yeasty texture brings you home. Generous notes of white peaches and nectarines. And a lasting finish that’s mouthwatering and refreshing, with some light tannins for personality. Lots of personality behind that 13.9% ABV.  

Set aside that typical, boring, predictable white—and go sailing with this one.  –J.M.

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August 28, 2019