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Great Sustainable Wine: MERAYO “Las Tres Filas” Mencia



Price Range : $11 - 18

Region: Bierzo, Spain Ready to Drink: Immediately upon release

Granted, the market for Mencia wine outside of Spain—for the moment—is miniscule, relatively speaking. 

But don’t let relative obscurity stop you from seeking out this fantastic wine for the money. MERAYO, located in the Bierzo region of Castilla y Leon, is one of the most consistently excellent producers in all of Spain, and it’s a winery that follows sustainable agriculture throughout their family-owned vineyards.  

Does sustainable wine make it a better wine? Yes, it does. We see a future where the majority of consumers will absolutely demand that wineries which they support with their retail dollars have implemented environmentally-responsible vineyard practices.

This review is part of our ongoing series spotlighting great wines from sustainable wineries.

Bodegas Merayo’s “Las Tres Filas” Mencia, flavor profile-wise, is somewhere between a Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable wine—succeeding in the sole purpose to delight and entertain, and perhaps take you on a flight of fancy and imagination, with some depth of emotion along the way: the equivalent of a Disney movie. 

The 2016 bottling delights with its vibrant red cherry and violet notes, especially on that tasty finish, as well as licorice and currants, plus that oh-so Spanish undertone of earthy soil and smokiness. Medium-bodied but lifted, silky and airy in weight, the red, red wine ain’t heavy but it is substantial.  

And what a versatile wine too. Pair with roast turkey with stuffing and gravy (this wine could substitute for that cranberry sauce), street tacos, beef carpaccio, filet mignon or a 13-dollar grass-fed burger. The point is, enjoy!  –J.M.

Here’s a YouTube video on Mencia and notable producers of the wine in the region of Bierzo:

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September 22, 2019