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Great Wine: Merry Edwards Coopersmith Pinot Noir



Price Range : $65 - 90

Region: Russian River Valley, Sonoma, California Ready to Drink: 5-7 years after bottle vintage

Excitement at my fingertips, with Coravin in hand, just to see how this wine—inarguably one of the finest and most quintessential Pinot Noirs of the Russian River Valley—has evolved. 2013 was a marvelous vintage, and time has only made the year fonder in our hearts. Flutters of anticipation as the dense, purplish ruby wine pours out of the contraption’s spout into the round bowl of the Burgundy glass… is it ready?… could it possibly disappoint? 

The wine’s gorgeous bouquet is as poignant as ever: rich, deep notes of boysenberry, dark plum and violets with a soft, undercurrent of dark cocoa. One taste, and the heart knows this is a Pinot Noir of romantic grandeur. It’s Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights in the glass. The longing, lustful, elongated finish is there as a point of emphasis after the palate has been treated to lush textures of amazing fruit. There’s a freshness of acidity that’s stirring, providing a balance to the dark ethos of the wine that could easily become overwrought if not for the expert winemaking in evidence. 

The 2013 MERRY EDWARDS Coopersmith Pinot Noir, in its current state, does not disappoint—it, in fact, elates the senses. But, is it ready… truly ready? I’d give it 2-3 more years if idealism were a virtue at all costs. But it’s already clear: when it comes to a combination of beauty and grandeur, there is no match to a Merry Edwards Pinot Noir.  –J.M.


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October 29, 2017