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Great Wine: Olivier Leflaive Bourgogne Les Sétilles



Price Range : $25 - 38

Region: Burgundy, France Ready to Drink: 2 years after bottle vintage

When you can get a Chardonnay from Burgundy, France, from as respected a breed as the name “Leflaive” that hovers around the price of $20, my friend, that is what you call a win-win. Not impressed by names alone, you say. Fair enough. Let’s just say, then, if American Chardonnays are mainly what your palate is used to, this is a great wine to challenge your palate in the interest of expansion of knowledge and embracing the breadth of differences and similarities that is humanity itself. If you’re already into Burgundies, well shit, this is a wine that may put you into an existential crisis wondering why you’ve been spending hundreds of dollars on Puligny-Montrachet when you could have spent an Andrew Jackson—excuse me, a Harriet Tubman—for something similar if not equal but pretty darn great. That is, the OLIVIER LEFLAIVE Bourgogne Les Sétilles.

A blend of grapes from about 60 plots of vineyards in the Burgundian villages of Puligny and Meursault, two of the most prestigious areas for Chardonnay, the 2014 bottling is virtually unmatched in its price range for the simplicity of its elegance and the beauty of its un-pretentiousness. This is everyday wine that transcends the ordinary and brightens the spirits in some dark times we’re livin’ through. Very attractive citrusy persistence consumes the palate, delivered with exquisitely clean focus and clarity. Like Lemon Drop candy in its mouthwatering acidity. Also hints of white peach and almond slices. At only 12.5% alcohol, not a thing is forced—cool and calm but never detached. Just a real positive vibe, man, coming from this wine. Something you can embrace as you sing along to the Sly & Family Stone song . . . “I – I, am everyday people . . .” ‘Cause this is Burgundy for all people. All rainbow colors. One love.  –J.M.


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June 15, 2016