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Great Wine: Petrolo Galatrona



Price Range : $80 - 105

Region: Tuscany, Italy Ready to Drink: 5-6 years after bottle vintage

When Tesla dropped their very first 2018 Model 3 onto the electric car market just about a month ago, you couldn’t help but be wowed by the vehicle’s form factor—super clean lines and futuristic aestheticism, all in the name of achieving that ultra-low drag coefficient while pleasing the modern palate for design. The 2012 vintage PETROLO Galatrona, one of the classic Tuscan Merlots, is a beautifully constructed wine—you marvel at its great cut and precision, superfine tannins, and very clean lines. You could say this is as aerodynamic as red wine gets. It gli-iiides over the palate, drawing you into its striking elegance and sophistication. A nose of blueberry, dark plum, tapenade and camphor entices, and then it’s a succulent ride to the finish, all the while achieving a splendid balance. There’s a vibrancy to the red wine that absolutely enlivens the senses—leaving a residual chemical reaction of wanting, needing more. The Tesla 3 is a groundbreaker because its price-tag ($35-50K) is meant for mass consumption; it’s not economy, but it’s also not the 1% of society. Likewise, the Galatrona offers supreme sophistication for an elevated but not unreasonable price—a huge wow factor for the money, somehow capturing an aestheticism of the modern and the traditional at the same time. All in all, one of the most desirable Tuscan wines in our book.  –J.M.


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August 26, 2017