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Great Wine: Tignanello



Price Range : $138 - 150

Region: Tuscany, Italy Ready to Drink: 6-8 years after bottle vintage

What makes a Super Tuscan so super? 

In the case of the 2010 TIGNANELLO Toscana, from the venerated house of Antinori, it takes a quiet space of one’s own to allow the magnificence of one of Italy’s greatest wines to reveal itself. And when it does reveal itself, it is not an emperor with no clothes but, rather, a kingly statesman in full regalia. Don’t open this at a loud party or with loud dinner guests—choose a special occasion where there’s quiet passion in the air or within the community of fellow passionistas committed to extracting every lovely detail of what’s speaking to you from within the glass. With that environmental stipulation fulfilled, do decant and sip progressively while it opens up—at six years after vintage, the 2010 is still a bit young. Okay, now you’re ready. 

What makes this Super Tuscan so super? A super refined nose of blackberry, black and red currants, dark cedar and truffle oil. Also, super-fine tannins that glide silkily along the palate. The wine’s inimitable character of super elegance, sophisticated vertical structure and sleek finesse. Its elongated finish that lingers in the back of the throat so gently and softly. And its delicate balance of succulent dark berry flavor and understated power. This is, at heart, one of the world’s great Chiantis—made of 80% Sangiovese and the rest Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, all grown at an estate vineyard in Tuscany called Tignanello (teen-yah-nell-oh). The wine’s rustic authenticity captures the heart and soul of the Tuscan wine region, and, at the end of the day, is the reason why Tignanello has become one of the most beloved, and iconic, super Super Tuscans of our time.  –J.M.


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September 21, 2016