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A corkscrewer is the one who holds the corkscrew and isn’t the one getting screwed.

In other words, a corkscrewer has discriminating taste. A corkscrewer knows that a world of previously unreleased enjoyment potentially exists once the cork is removed. But, this doesn’t just apply to a bottle of wine… there is a metaphorical table about to be set, and that table is life itself. What one chooses to delight in, and indulge in, on that table is what makes life good.

So, a corkscrewer has money to spend–maybe a lot and maybe sparingly–and they know that whatever makes life good usually costs money; so they just want to know that they are getting the best for their money. Whether it’s wine, beer, spirits, food or entertainment on that metaphorical table of life–a corkscrewer follows, without compromise, the principle of “If you know, you know.” A corkscrewer wants to be in the know.

And with times being what they are, who doesn’t want to make sure their money is spent on quality and quality only? There’s just no room for disappointment and wastefulness and feeling like your better judgment has been exploited when it comes to discretionary spending. Agreed?

Ain’t no doubt about it… we’re all Corkscrewers now.